My biography

Ola pp

I`m a Sudanese documentary photographer, my passion for photography led me to a change of profession in 2009 when she bought my first digital camera.
I`m interested in documenting people`s journey in life and my own as well.
Telling stories became my purpose of life, and a continuous passion to convey the spirit of Sudan`s everyday life in the 21th century. I hope to make a difference by changing and updating the world`s view of Sudan, and raise social awareness as well.

I participated in many photography master classes and group exhibitions.
Also a member of the African photojournalism Data Base (APJD) , a joint project of the World Press photo Foundation and Everyday Africa , 2017.

CO-founder Member of the Sudanese photographers group, 2012.

Some of My work was published on Le Monde and BBC News Africa

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