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The imprisoned butterfly

2020 has been a hard year for all of us around the globe, a year of fear and death. Coronavirus changed our lives in a dramatic way, it affected our physical, and mental health. Minimum social interaction, financial collapse, millions lost their jobs around the world. But the worse thing among all was loosing our beloved ones during this year.

December 2020 was an unforgettable month to me. I was diagnosed with sacroiliac joint inflammation and hip joint pain which turned my life upside down. I used to be a healthy and very active person, suddenly I could not move and had to stay in bed for 6 weeks. The pain was sever, I could barely walk or sit. Continuous pain and the feeling of inability made me depressed and sensitive, I was literally   imprisoned in bed.

As a documentary photographer who`s strongly connected to street photography, nature, macro photograph, and especially butterflies, it was too hard to be deprived from my passion. I really miss photographing outdoors and being among the crowd.

I miss the streets noise, people, local markets, and public events.

I still   hear the crowds chanting during the protest agains Omer Albashir’s regime every time I look at their photos.

During those long days I was overthinking of my recovery and wondering why it took so long.

Laying on bed and staring on the ceiling is all I can do during this month. Imagining myself healthy, happy, and free to move like a butterfly, raises my positive energy and give me strength to resist depression and negative thoughts.

Recalling some old memories and present events inspired me a lot in this project, it was like a film tape every frame tells a different story.

Despite the pain, I enjoyed photographing my daily life during my illness. Some images did not turn out like a wished because I could not stand straight for a long time, but I’m glad that I could challenge my self and hold my camera to do what I love.

I hope to recover soon and join life again. The most important lessons for me on 2020 and especially This December was that heath is priceless and without it you can’t have a life, family and real friends are your ultimate army to overcome life difficulties.